People / Team

For 22 years, Tekton has built a reputation by earning the trust of its clients, delivering a finished product with the highest level of professionalism and craft, and never wavering in the core philosophy and ideals of the Master Builder.

  • James Walbridge, A.I.A.
    • President Tekton Architecture & Artisan Builders Corporation

      James started his career as a draftsman in 1981 while in high school. Subsequent experience in both architectural and engineering firms landed an apprenticeship with an architect-led design-build firm in 1984. He studied architecture at the University of Florida earning a Bachelor of Design in 1988. Arriving to California in 1990, he continued his mentorship in a Bay Area Architect-led Design-build firm while obtaining his General Contractor’s License in 1991. James started Tekton Architecture in 1995 after becoming a Registered Architect and formed Artisan Builders Corporation with Andrew Sinor in 1996.

      His diverse design + construction expertise has lead to leadership positions in the American Institute of Architects on a local, state and national level. James has lectured on the Architect as Master Builder, Architect-led Design-build and BIM (Building Information Modeling) on a local, state and national level including the American Institute of Architects National Conventions in 2007 and 2011.

  • Andrew Sinor
    • Vice President Artisan Builders Corporation

      Andy was born and raised in San Francisco and began working as an apprentice in the construction industry in 1978. Eventually working his way to foreman, Andy learned a number of trades, gleaning standard practices and techniques from numerous other trade professionals. In 1992, Andy started his own general contracting company in San Francisco. Fulfilling civic goals, Andy was elected to the Niles Project Area Committee in the City of Fremont in 1997, performing community advisory services to City staff and council.

      Andy and James collaborated on their first project, ‘Drum World of San Francisco’, in 1994. Over the next few years, the two worked together on several projects. In 1996, they jointly established Artisan Builders Corporation.

      The broad spectrum of Andy’s experience and construction knowledge is a key component to every project at Tekton.